Jadeite Boulder
Carved Anchor Headstone
Carved Turtle Headstone
Angel Headstone
Engraved Chevy Impala Headstone
Angel Wave Headstone
Double Koru Headstone
carved accordian  memorial headstone
New Zealand Rock Headstone
New Zealand Rock Headstone
Carved Granite Bust
Carved Granite Bust Headstone

How long will it take to get a custom headstone?

workflowPlease allow PLENTY of time (4 or more months) if an unveiling is planned.

New Zealand Headstones - Memorials - Monuments

You design - and we will make your customized headstone. Select from over 40 granite colours. Memorials unlike any other can be yours. Original NZ style headstones, artistic memorials unique gravestones - if it is different we love the challenge!

Hard Stone Granite Carving is Our Specialty

We commission life like carved busts & statues, carved by master carvers in one of the world's largest headstone carving factories. Replicas of almost anything can be sculpted or carved into a modern headstone or memorial.