How much does a headstone cost?

The cost of a memorial will vary greatly depending on the size, shape & colour of stone used.
Standard memorial headstones range between $3000.00-$5000.00.
A small granite plaque will start at $400 and a basic headstone for pick up will start at approx. $1550

How much does it cost per letter?

A new headstone will include all reasonable lettering and graphics in the price. Most prices are determined by the size and shape of the headstone itself. 

For a second inscription or additional later lettering to a stone it will be a nominal fee based on the work required. (pickup, repainting/gilding, etc)

What are your payment terms & conditions?

1. We require a 30% deposit for all memorials. For plaques because of the higher production cost we require 50% deposit.

2. For all Headstones that are picked up from our premises we require FULL payment before we will release the headstone.

3. For Headstones we install in our local area we require Full payment within one month of installation.

How can I make payments?

Direct credit, Visa/Mastercard & EFTPOS, Cheque and Cash are all accepted.

ACC payments – if there are funds left with ACC we can arrange to have these paid toward the cost of the memorial.

Credit cards can be used over the Phone and avoid high bank fees if you are an international customer.

Let us know what is easiest for you.

Can I layby a Memorial?

Yes you can Layby your headstone. We can assist you in setting up automatic payments if needed.

How long does a memorial take to make?

Please allow PLENTY of time (4 or more months) if an unveiling is planned.

We can produce any stock stone in under 2 weeks from the approval of the layout.

Memorials for Pick-up can be completed in 3-5 working days from the approval of the layout, if it is a stock stone and no photo is required.

A ceramic photo will take 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

Any custom memorials (special carving/inlays/shapes) you will need to allow 3-4 months or up to 5 months for busts and other complex carvings.

Ask us if you are unsure but the best policy is to begin early rather than leaving it till the last minute and missing your unveiling.

Shipping a memorial depends on the destination and shipping schedules.

What stones are used to make headstones?

There are a variety of stones suitable for memorials. 

Granite is the favoured stone as it can take a high gloss when polished, is resistant to erosion and can be lettered directly onto it. 

Marble was the traditional stone for many years but is soft and weathers poorly. 

Other rocks can be used but are rarely able to be lettered directly and have varying resistance to erosion. For most other rocks if the family wish to use them a bronze/granite or ceramic plaque are needed for lettering.

How do we add an extra inscription (lettering) to an existing memorial?

Most Headstones will have allowed room for a second inscription. If this is the case we simply need to pick it up and bring it to our shop to add the new inscription and then reinstall it.

If no room has been allowed for a second inscription there are a few options.

The first option would be that we can re-polish the face of the memorial which makes it like a new headstone. Then we inscribe it with the lettering and/or graphics you require.

The second option is to purchase a new memorial. We can bury the old headstone on site or remove it and dispose of it, depending on what you require.

The third option would be to place a plaque over the existing lettering with the new lettering.

Are we able to letter memorials with languages other than english?

Yes we can letter a memorial with any language or characters that are required. Discuss with us what you would like and we will walk you through the best way to do this. 

Please bear in mind that when lettering a headstone with another language we do ask you to carefully check spelling & grammar, as we cannot do so.

Can you repaint a fading headstone?

If the stone is in our local area for a small fee we can clean it up and fully repaint it to make it look like new. If you wish to repaint it yourself we can give you instructions on how to accomplish this easily.

Do ceramic photos Fade?

No. Good quality ceramic photos (the only kind we use) are UV resistant and so will not fade or weather. 
Some poor quality ceramic imitations have been known to fade or weather off completely.

How do I contact you?

Fill out the contact form.
Otherwise you can phone us on 07 856 7878, or email us at